Peer-Reviewed Articles

Yanna Krupnikov, Hillary Style, and Michael Yontz (2021)

"Does Measurement Affect the Gender Gap in Political Partisanship?"

Public Opinion Quarterly

Hillary Style and Jennifer Jerit (2020)

"Does it Matter if Respondents Look up Answers to Political Knowledge Questions?"

Public Opinion Quarterly

Book Chapter

Yanna Krupnikov, Hannah Nam, and Hillary Style (2021)

"The Use of Convenience Samples in Political Science Experiments" Advances in Experimental Political Science (Druckman and Green, eds)

Book Project

"Constructing Political Expertise in the News.”

with Kathleen Searles, Yanna Krupnikov, and John Barry Ryan

For the Cambridge Elements series in Politics and Communications

Under contract with Cambridge University Press

Select Work in Progress

"Disseminating Research: Speaker Patterns in Political Science Departments." with Yanna Krupnikov, Kerri Milita, John Barry Ryan, and Victoria Smith, invited submission to International Studies Perspectives, Peer-Reviewed Gender and Politics Forum

"Understanding anti-Asian sentiment and political behavior in the wake of Covid-19." with Hannah Nam and Katherine Sawyer, Revise & Resubmit

"Worldview and the Rational Legislator: The Effect of Birthplace on Legislative Decision-making." with Ryan Vander Wielen and Colin Emrich